When it Comes to Science, We're in our Element.
How we do things will change with the conditions.
Who we are on the other hand, always stays the same.


HSC, Your Scientific
Agency of Record!

  • We Rock The Science
  • Meaningfully Engage
  • Uniquely Bring Value
We Rock the Science

We Rock the Science

Our scientific team will uncover the scientific differentiation and maintain the scientific integrity. Our creative, interactive, and digital teams will make it rock and our marketing experts will make sure this matters to your customers!

How do we do it?

Scientific Analysis and Differentiation

Finding that needle in the haystack. We can do it for you! Through our scientific inventory, competitive analysis, claims analysis, literature review, differentiation workshop, and war games we will be able to find those special scientific data that will change physicians’ mindset.

Scientific Message Platform

With over 70 platforms, our scientific platforms have set the standard for prelaunch scientific messaging. They build the foundation for all your content development, planning, and gap analysis. Ask for a sample; it is amazing work!

Brand the Science

Our award-winning MOA and MOD 2-D and 3-D animations bring your scientific differentiation to life. We build them in-house with you and our team of scientists, writers, creative directors, interactive artists, and digital experts using the latest technologies. They are a true piece of scientific art that you can use in all your communications—it is so cost-effective. Ask for a demo.

Scientific Writing/Content Development

Our bread and butter. HSC built its 25-year reputation on the quality of its scientific writing and content. Our medical directors write the original content, our editors fact-check and refine it, and our creative department makes it shine. From slide kits, monographs, and scripts to website copy, interactive case studies, and innovative games, all of your educational tactics are developed with the same scientific rigor and creative touch that make your data so interesting to your customers.

Competitive Intelligence

From competitive analyses, literature patrols, congress debriefings, internal dashboards, and war gaming, we have perfected competitive intelligence to an art that will serve your brand, your team, and your global affiliates with the latest information that truly matters today!

Investigators' Network and Communications

Starting early with appropriate communication and recruitment of the right investigators, we have built investigators' networks that provide briefings, meetings, and resources for many investigators in therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiology, immunology.

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