Jan-Willem van Doorn, MD, PhD, MBA

President, Health Science Communications

Guided by Jan-Willem, HSC's purpose-built teams have demonstrated a unique ability to help their clients translate the science of their products and the pathogenesis of associated diseases into clinically relevant and scientifically accurate information understandable by the target audience. Translation of the science is the basis of a scientific platform and development of a scientific brand and is crucial to successful new product launches and life-cycle management. With a medical degree as well as PhD in medicine and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, Jan-Willem has a deep understanding not only of the scientific side of the business, but also the business side of the science. This helps him take a holistic approach to issues, weighing the viewpoints of all stakeholders and their importance to create a complete picture and develop the best client solutions in a rapidly changing environment.

Jan-Willem regularly travels back to his home country, the Netherlands, to visit family, buy Dutch cheese and licorice, and watch his favorite sport, field hockey.

Michael Weems

Chief Financial Officer

A CPA by training, Michael Weems has worked in the medical education and communications industry for over 20 years. He has been with Health Science Communications New Jersey since 2003, when he joined the company as VP, Finance, and helped lead and integrate their merger with Omnicom Group and HCG. In his current position as HCG US CFO, he is responsible for overseeing the financial operations, reporting and contracting of HCG US. While with Health Science Communications New Jersey, Michael has been involved in strategic planning, advocacy development, competitive intelligence, publications and other medical education initiatives in support of several products.

After earning his bachelor of arts degree in accounting from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, Michael worked for Coopers & Lybrand in New York City, where he was a senior accountant and financial analyst performing audit work and internal analysis. Michael left Coopers & Lybrand for Churchill/Quadrant Publications in Chatham, New Jersey, where he was promoted from controller to vice president of finance. Prior to joining Health Science Communications, he was vice president of finance and operations at Ingenix Medical Education in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Diala Habib, PhD

Managing Director

Coming from a Lebanese Canadian upbringing, Diala was given the opportunity to experience the best of two worlds. Realizing the power of diversity in people, talent and ideas have always been part of her DNA. Today, this is the foundation of her approach to leadership and client relationships.

Diala brings over 9 years of experience in promotional medical education, advisory boards, competitive analysis, disease awareness initiatives, and congress symposia in a wide range of therapeutic areas. She has led brand strategies in numerous scientific platforms, speaker decks, lexicons, MOD/MOA, and KOL videos and other digital assets.

Diala received her PhD from Queen’s University in Canada and postdoctoral training at the University of Rochester. Her research in learning and memory received several federal grants and led to numerous publications in high impact journals in the field of neurobiology.

Outside of work, Diala can be seen trying different recipes in the kitchen, brushing up on her French and Arabic, and spending time with her husband and 2 daughters, who are her daily source of joy and inspiration.

Rachel Godfrey

Managing Director

Rachel is a relentless collaborator who understands the power of partnership when delivering strategy and innovation for our clients. A lifelong learner herself, she strives to educate, learn from, and recognize the talent around her daily.

Rachel began her career in medical education more than 20 years ago, and she brings experience in both academic and promotional medical education, as well as strong working relationships with faculty, to the team at HSC. Rachel holds a unique position within HSC, chairing a best practice committee to ensure that consistent and efficient processes are followed across internal teams and partner agencies within stewardship models.

Prior to joining HSC, Rachel was Director of Continuing Medical Education at the NYU School of Medicine, where she designed and executed live symposia, webcasts, and enduring materials in all areas of medicine based on internally and externally identified professional practice gaps and hospital benchmarking.

Rachel received her BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from Connecticut College. Outside of work, Rachel is amazed and delighted daily by her son William, who likes to organize closets as much as she does.

Nikolay Nikolov

SVP, Creative Director

Nikolay’s master’s degree in journalism is a bit odd, considering his natural love for the sciences. This love most likely comes from the fact that in science, just like in advertising, you never run out of options for what to do. It’s like a never-ending puzzle that you can continue to solve, and it gets more exciting over time. An award-winning creative, Nikolay gained valuable experience working for some of the world’s largest brands, at a variety of big international agencies and small independent shops, both from within and outside the pharma world. He prides himself in finding the simplest, most elegant, and beautiful solution to a problem without losing track of the main idea. He has extended experience in multiple disease awareness initiatives, including large conference and symposia tactics, ranging from traditional to the cutting edge of innovation. Always striving for creative excellence and constantly looking for what’s next, Nikolay makes sure all work meets his elevated creative standards, is innovative, and “speaks” high-level science.